FENTY x PUMA Suede Slide
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FENTY x PUMA Suede Slide

Errrbody wondering what Rihanna means by F.U. or who she’s directing it to –
Well we’re here to let you know that F.U. stands for FENTY University, but she’s probably saying F.U to the haters as well, low-key though. (lol)
Most likely to break the rules, Rihanna returns as PUMA Creative Director for her third season.
The latest FENTY PUMA by Rihanna collection takes classic school uniforms and dismantles them.
Varsity jackets are reimagined with exaggerated dimensions. Sneakers meet stiletto heels.
Preppy meets provocative. Unexpected cutlines, premium materials, and chenille patches abound.
Ready to be schooled? Then step on stage in style and show everyone that your fashion smarts go down all the way to your sandals.
Cranking up the attention volume to maximum with a mix of vibrant hues and two bold contrast-colour "F" and "U" chenille badges for "FENTY University" spanning both shoes, these sandals are sure to give your outfit a serious kick.
Classic Suede
Fresh off the runway these Fenty University slides are way too cool for school.
Featuring a full suede strap featuring "F" and "U" badges made from high quality chenille fabric and Fenty and Puma branding on the footbed, these slides will graduate your style from just casual to most fashionable.
Dropping in tan, navy blue, and orange (R1 299) the subtle way of throwing shade slides will be available in ladies’ sizes range from 3-8.
Slide into The Finest
Available at a PUMA SELECT store near you.
PUMA SELECT is in Cape Town, Bree Street, and PUMA Braamfontein on corner of De Korte and Melle streets in Johannesburg.
It’s safe to say that if you’re a true Rihanna fan, and you feel you’re part of the FENTY Gang, then you’ve probably gotten a pair of these already because, when you stan for the Navy, YOU STAN FOR THE NAVY.

she’s probably saying F.U to the haters as well, low-key though. (lol)
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