If you haven’t heard of DJ and music producer Das Kapital by now, either you don't have ears, or music is just something you listen to while catching an elevator.

Jokes aside – Das and PUMA have been close friends for a couple of years now. We’ve seen his sneaker collection grow. We love him and he loves us
This is what Das has to say about his own personal style, as well as his journey with PUMA:

"It all started for me in 2003, when music became my primary focus. It was an avenue I was intrigued by and could grow in, both as a listener and a creator (albeit a very bad one, at first). After being in the industry for a while I started looking at clothing differently, s another means to show who I am and what I’m about. 

It took me a few years to be able to start collecting the sneakers and clothes I wanted, because it took me a while to figure out how to turn music into a paying job. - You can’t be spending it if you aren’t making it. 

I really fell in love with the idea of limited edition sneakers, because owning them meant that I was one of a handful of people that had a particular thing. I worked hard to be different to the people around me, because standing out is what I saw as the most important step to truly defining ME.

As the years passed, my musical process became more refined - as did my outward appearance - and that’s where PUMA came in. I played at the legendary PUMA Social Club Jozi, where I got a chance to visit the Braamfontein store. I fell in love with the Mihara Yasuhiro and Hussein Chalayan collab ranges, reimagining classic silhouettes without being over-the-top." - We like to call it Finesse.

"Fast-forward to 2015, where my PUMA collection is a compilation of some of the most simultaneously understated and garish sneakers I could have dreamed of. My man on the ground, Rolo Rozay, should squarely take the blame (in a good way) for increasing my sneaker collection so rapidly." - You’ll learn fast that there is no better way than the Rolo Rozay way. Get him on your side… or find a way to get onto his. "The man has an impeccable eye, has learnt exactly what I like in a short period of time, and has often gone out of his way to make some special sneakers available to me.

My favourite silhouette is easily the Disc Blaze, featuring some incredibly unique treatments from Ronnie Feig, Sophia Chang, Atmos Tokyo and my most recent addition, the Crackle Pack (all of which get high rotation in my day-to-day).

We live in arguably the most creative and free time in human history, where expression is welcomed and encouraged." - And what better way than expressing yourself than with some Select sneaks?

There you go. Some insight into the man that is Das Kapital. Don’t be surprised if the next time you see him is at PUMA Select, and not behind the decks. 

Stay up to date with his sneaker collection and musings on Instagram and Twitter (@IAmDasKapital), and be sure to catch the ever-growing sounds of Das Kapital every Thursday at 20:30 on 5FM, as he does what he does best.



We live in arguably the most creative and free time in human history, where expression is welcomed and encouraged.
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