Meet Matty Francis, a 20 year old sneaker head hailing from Cape Town, and one of #PUMASelectZA’s biggest fans. We’re fans too, Matty.

We thought we’d catch up with him and get some insights into his style, sneaker obsession and his love for PUMA Select. Easy now, ladies.
“I have interests in fashion, style and most recently footwear. Having been inspired during my first few years of high school, I realised that one can easily dress to impress. In my eyes, there is no better way to stand out from the crowd.”

“I only recently discovered my love for kicks, simply because all the sneakers I see on the streets are too identifiable to the masses of people that wear them, which has never appealed to me.”
That was all about to change when Matty fell in love with the Ronnie Fieg x Puma "COA" collab.

“The shoes looked so different, like nothing I'd ever seen before. The disc system was what really blew me away. It left me scourging the web for a similar alternative, and this is when I discovered the PUMA × Sophia Chang "Brooklynnite" collection.

“The hype this release generated was crazy, and I watched as the entire collection sold out within minutes abroad. Sophia Changs rendition of the classic disc blaze silhouette was one of the most publicised sneaker releases of 2014, with every major website covering it. This excited me even more for the South African release, because too often one falls in love with a pair of sneakers that they'll never get the chance to own, but the guys at the Select store assured me these were coming late in 2014. I had to have them.”
Nice one Matty, we approve.
So, what is about PUMA Select that tickles your discerning taste?
“While visiting the select store you can instantly feel the vibe and concept behind it. Everywhere you look you'll see something original, boasting collaborations from around the world. The store really appeals to me, and the exclusivity of each sneaker is exactly what I’m always looking for.”

“Let’s not forget about the bearded man behind the select store, Mr.Rolo Rozay. Every time I walk in the store, it’s more than just a purchase. It’s more about popping into the store for some good banter & beer, and at the end of it all I walk out with some exclusive kicks.”
Thanks for your time, Matty. Find him on Instagram - @mattyxfrancis to keep up with his antics. For now, we leave you with his 2015 picks.


Meet Matty Francis, a 20 year old sneaker head hailing from Cape Town, and one of #PUMASelectZA’s biggest fans. We’re fans too, Matty.
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