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puma kiku pack

A Bloom of New Kicks
Have you noticed?
We are finally heading into Summer, iyoh, iyoh.
It is, then, high time for a crop of new kicks that will keep you both fresh and stylish during the ‘hawt’ months of the year.
Good thing we’re here to drop you a flower bomb with the Kiku Pack.
“Kri-san-thuh-muh m”
Flower symbolism plays an important role in Japanese art, literature and everyday life.
The chrysanthemum, called ‘Kiku’ in Japanese, is probably one of the most popular motifs in the country’s culture.
Although this beautiful flower only blooms during the autumn season, the Kiku symbolises longevity, rejuvenation and integrity throughout the year.
Flower Bomb
So, since the Japanese lurv a good celebration; we’ve decided to join in and celebrate the Japanese seasonal flower of September with the launch of the all-new KIKU PACK
 This pack features new versions of the Clyde Fashion (R2 299), Blaze Cage (R1 799), and Platform Mid (R2 299).
All KIKU sneakers are executed in soft leather with embroidered chrysanthemum detailing.
The Kiku reference comes with the all-over flower embroidery detailing on the white upper.
The PUMA Formstripe is a stitch and turn feature to give the style an even more clean and sleek look.
Come and Celebrate with us, Japan-style!
Available at a PUMA SELECT store near you.
PUMA SELECT is in Cape Town, Bree Street, and PUMA Braamfontein on corner of De Korte and Melle streets in Johannesburg.

kri-san-thuh-muh m
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