We’re super proud to announce that we’re opening a PUMA Select concept store in Braamfontein.

One of only two in the world (Cape Town was the first), the PUMA Select range serves up only the finest premium PUMA gear, only available at selected retailers.

Not only are we opening a store in Joburg, but we’re bringing all the other cool stuff too. We wouldn’t leave you out Jozi, so all the free beer, coffee, wi-fi and access to a wealth of knowledge from super cool sneaker heads is landing on your doorstep on the 2nd of August. 

Situated at 81 Juta Street in Braamfontein, the new PUMA Select Store will be a one of a kind shopping destination in Joburg, boasting the freshest lines and collabs from around the world. 

See it first, get VIP access to the PUMA Select Store opening night in Braamfontein...
Attend tonight's #PUMASocialTBT and snap a pic with one of the DJs. Tweet the pic with the tag #PUMASocialTBT and we'll choose* 5 top tweets to win double tickets to the launch night on Friday 1 August. Winners will be announced on Monday the 28th July.

If you live in Jozi and you don’t know Braam, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know one of the most exciting up ’n coming neighbourhoods in the world. 

So Braam… used to be a farm (yeah we just busted that rhyme) but while you can still have access to farm fresh food and drink in the form of the many artisan eateries around the place, it’s been done up pimp Jozi style. 

With so many places that cater for thirsty Braamanites looking for a drink (that’s a ‘dop’, Jozi) we thought we’d break it down for possible new guests to the hood. We’ve tried and tested them all, and come up with 4 favourites:

Best Dance-till-you-have-shopping-feet Bar: Great Dane
5 De Beer St

Great Dane is about good vibes and good music. Known for their ‘Stereo Science’ Friday night, where you can expect to hear anything from nu-disco to deep house, with the promise that it won’t be kak. This place is a bigger crowd favourite than Pitbull’s pants (can we still make that joke?). The floor is made up of 140000 5c pieces and is almost as famous as the bar itself, you can be assured that if you fall over from um… dancing too hard… you’ll have something awesome to look at. 

Top proper-melt-your-face-off Clubbing Venue: And
36 Stiemens St

And (&)  - or is it the other way around? -  is at the recently restored Alexander Theatre which originally opened its doors in 1951. While The Alex is a multi-functional events space, it’s possibly best known for its Friday techno night, And. Boasting one of the best club sound systems in the country, And shakes every Friday with fresh lineups of the best local and international DJs on the circuit. 

Best keepin-it-fresh-ol-skool-style Bar:  Kitcheners Carvery Bar
71 Juta St

If you want to drink some beer, watch some DJ’s or just have a kiff (that’s for you Durbs, because you’re not getting a Select store) time, Kitchener’s Carvery Bar is the place to go. They host regular parties in bar which is over 100 years old, still kitted with it’s original fittings – don’t worry this doesn’t include the original patrons. Their burgers are tasty and you can order them all night.

Best new-kid-on-the-block (till we open): Anti Est.
Cnr Juta St and De Beer St

For the love of all things local and unique, Anti Est strives to challenge conformity and provide a space where thoughts can flow and beer can be drunk. Much like our PUMA Select stores, Anti Est. caters for the individual who needs a little more than the norm. Think complex cocktails, artisan tequila and craft beer. 

What do you think of our choices? Did we miss any good watering holes? Hit us up. @PUMASouthAfrica

Yo, have a party, because we know you will anyway… just don’t drink and drive, (or drink and choose a life partner for that matter). Be safe and party hard After Hours Athletes.

*At the sole discresion of PUMA South Africa, decision is final.

A wealth of knowledge from super cool sneaker heads is landing on your doorstep on the 2nd of August
The content on this site is applicable to the PUMA Select stores in South Africa. Go to PUMA.com for PUMA Select info for your country.