It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. We’ve drooled over pictures, dreamt up the outfits, read the blogs, seen the previews. Today, we’re holding in our hands one of the most anticipated colabs 2015 has to offer. That’s right, #PUMASelectZA, ALIFE has arrived.

To fill you in - we teamed up with one of New York’s hottest underground fashion labels to get their take on classic PUMA gear. The result is pretty amazing, even if we say so ourselves.

Born in ’99, ALIFE has always aimed to showcase New York City’s downtown youth street culture, focusing on original art and creativity. PUMA and ALIFE are no strangers, having collaborated on a range in the past. We paid homage to the original, with just the right amount of new to keep things fresh.

More good news - we’re not only bringing in the sneakers. This February, exclusively at PUMA Select, we’ve got the full line of kicks, apparel and accessories. You’re going to want in on this. 

Classic PUMA Suedes are finished with rough treatment that recalls the gritty streets of the lower East Side, whilst iconic runners such as the R698s (pictured below) use repeat print to take inspiration from ALIFE’s in store mirror sign. All this coupled with the now legendary Trinomic technology - your #TrinomicTuesdays game will be strong.

Tempted yet? Let’s get into the details.

Hypothetically, you forgot it’s Valentines Day on Saturday. You want to spoil that special someone (you). The best news - The PUMA x ALIFE range drops on Valentines Day at PUMA SELECT stores in Cape Town, Bree Street, and Johannesburg, Braamfontein, as well as X Trend, Dip St Store, Shelflife, Prime, Lyme and Lost Property stores in South Africa from 14 February.

You heard right, this Saturday. What are you waiting for?


Your #TrinomicTuesdays game will be strong.
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