PUMA x Footpatrol
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PUMA x Footpatrol

Green with Envy
London’s most renowned sneaker stores, Footpatrol, partnered with the cool cats to present you with a collab that will leave you green with envy if you don’t cop a pair!
Launching the Tsugi Shinsei Footpatrol sneaker [R3 699] exclusive to Shelflife stores.

Founded in 2002, Footpatrol supply the most desirable footwear, apparel and accessories, spanning from new and classic styles to exclusives and rare deadstock.
Offering a wide and diversified choice for every sneaker lover, Footpatrol are also recognised for their successful collaborations with some of the most prominent brands in the industry.

Japanese History
From the Japanese word for ‘next’, PUMA’s Tsugi silhouette focuses on a combination of unconventional design elements that come together to form the aesthetic of the collection.
 With a nod towards Eastern sensibilities, ‘Shinsei’ translates to ‘reborn’ in Japanese with the futuristic low-top Tsugi Shinsei Footpatrol also drawing inspiration from a form of decorative reinforcement stitching practiced in Japan called Sashiko.
These decorative stitches are traditionally used to reinforce points of wear and tear. 
The Sashiko stitches ‘reinforcement’ has similarities to Footpatrol’s close-knit team ethos.
On a recent Footpatrol trip to Japan, the team met with Sashiko expert Akie Ginza, who at the age of 86 has over 40 years of Sashiko practise under her belt.
Akie explained that the word Sashiko means ‘Little Stabs”, a reference to the plain running stitch that makes up the often geometric, all over patterns.
Although the technique was focused around longevity of fabrics there was a degree of ingenuity and individuality which turned this technical process into an equally impressive art-form.


Cop ‘em
Available in Capulet Olive.
These kicks are exclusive to Shelflife stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Green with Envy
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