See & be seen…encapsulating the entire DNA of the ICNY brand. Whether applying it to performance or fashion, the expertise of ICNY’s reflective technology and our rich sporting history have made trendsetters go wild for this collection.
We’ve witnessed the mayhem with the release of the FAAS 100 Heartbreaker edition and the recently dropped Ignite Ice cream pack (my kinda dessert)…well you’re in for an even bigger treat with this next drop.
The story behind the brand…
ICNY was developed after designer Mike Cherman was hit by a car whilst cycling. Inspired by this event, the New York based brand was created with a goal of providing added safety and increased visibility by using reflective materials on key areas of sporting apparel and accessories.
Okay back to the product stuff…
R698…you’ve heard about and seen this style reimagined by a variety of designers and artist, but ICNY…well this is a different story…they bring something unique to the table.
Utilising ICNY’s reflective technology, the classic Trinomic R698 is given a futuristic makeover. ICNY’s Trinomic R698 X3M and R698s explore the use of plush and durable fabrics, bold colours and reflective elements to create a pair of functional streetwear sneakers. The R698 is showcased in three strong and never-seen-before colour combinations. The colours include Black-White, Rhododendron and true to ICNYs signature safety style, a striking Fluro Yellow. This is where the “magic” comes in - each silhouette includes reflective piping that runs through the stitching, making them stand out on the streets (come night or day) The Trinomic R698 x ICNY X3M makes a statement in its own right, in allover reflective silver.
The ICNY Apparel features a selection of performance styles, the ICNY Performance Jacket, Pants and the Logo Sweat. The Performance Jacket is a key piece in this collection as it completely encapsulates the collaborations careful balance of sporting classics and cutting edge technology. The Jacket is based on a metro cycling aesthetic, and is fully bonded using storm Cell Force 2 technology. However it is the impressive details that set this jacket apart, with an under arm zip and other technical elements to increase ventilation while being fully seam sealed, inner pockets and of course reflective elements. Creating a high-end product that pushes the boundaries of modern tech and sport fashion.
The reflective piping running through ICNY Performance apparel will keep cyclists fully protected in the city. The ICNY Logo Sweat has bio wicking tech properties to enhance cooling with a fully reflective logo print on the rear that all cyclists require for road safety. The debut collection has all over reflective textures, bold colours and futuristic designs allowing the wearer to shine even in the darkest hour.
The PUMA x ICNY collection drops at PUMA Select Cape Town and Johannesburg, 5 November 2015. While you're there don't forget to grab your ICNY gift with purchase, keeping you in the clear.

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