Jack Parow. You all know the name. He’s the man responsible for a revolution in Afrikaans/zef/rap/pop and South African youth culture in general, using Afrikaans rap as his medium. Right now, Parow is on top of the game, and in no danger of going anywhere. Hos ja.
His zef-so-fresh stage get up, consisting of the now legendary extra long peaked cap, coupled with the board shorts and sneakers have become a South African festival standard. We’re all too happy to be a part of his crew.
We were long overdue a bit of a catch up. So, over a braai and a dop*, a boer en n’ soutie chatted all things Parow, PUMA, and everything else in between.
Aweh Jack, hoe lyk it?
“I have been a rolling with PUMA now for more than 7 years give or take, they believed in me when everyone thought I was f***n mal. A white lightie from Bellville making Afrikaans rap music. Everyone said it would never work, but PUMA thought I was kind of cool luckily and decided to sponsor me.”
 The pleasure has been ours. It wasn’t a tough decision if we’re honest.
“I decided to do this next level freakin’ PowerPoint presentation thing that was all animated and fancy and send it to them to show how kief I am. So I did it and at the end it said "My name is Jack Parow... come on... hook a brother up"
How could we refuse? Jack’s rap game is on point, but his PowerPoint game is stronger.
“…that’s why I will always roll with them, no matter what happens, cause they hooked a brother up when no one else wanted to.”
Got your back Jack.
So what about the impressive sneaker collection?
“My favourite shoes at the moment are the R698's. No, they don't cost 698 Rand, but in our country people obviously get dik deurmekaar because of the R, but the R is just a R. Anyway, I have these fancy silver ones that I wear on stage, they are BEF*K.”

Simple and to the point. Lekker.
“They are really flippen nice and the "vent/window" or whatever they call that thing on the bottom of the shoe that shows it contains all the hexagon shapes that looks like a thunder bolt, and thunder bolts are f****n cool, ask anyone.”

Preaching to the choir here, Jack. I mean we call this innovative cushioning system, our ‘Trinomic technology’, but you can say ‘thunderbolt’. Only you though.    
“Anyway, I love PUMA, and not just their shoes or their brand or whatever products they are making, but I love being part of the PUMA crew and hanging out with the lekker people that work for PUMA, are sponsored by PUMA or even just tend to the cage that contains the puma at the Jo’burg zoo”
It goes both ways bro, we like hanging out backstage and gooi-ng a double brandy and Coke with you, we dig you.
“Let me wrap it up by saying, in the immortal, slightly adapted to contain PUMA, words of Derek Zoolander: "PUMA is like a brother to me. And when I say brother, I don't mean, like, an actual brother, but I mean it like the way black people use it. Which is more meaningful, I think"
You can be our brother, and our boet. We wanted to make a Cooler as Ekke joke here, but it didn’t work, so we figure you stick to the lyrics and we’ll carry on making our signature Thunderbolt Trinomic technology, deal?
Aweh bra.
*Beer, soutie.
…that’s why I will always roll with them, no matter what happens, cause they hooked a brother up when no one else wanted to.
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