Puma x Naturel 2.0
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Puma x Naturel 2.0

The Naked Issue
Linking up once again with renowned US-based graphic artist NATUREL for a continuation on our collaborative collection, PUMA x Naturel.
Distinctive and confident, this collection turns pop culture into street-wear.
The collection is characterised by bold details and striking all over graphics, giving the essential silhouette an exclusive touch. Incorporating a mix of visible and invisible zippers, garments can be customized to fit personal style. NATUREL’s typical graphic handwriting is subtly present on every item.
Outta This World
Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus, and NATUREL is definitely from a far galaxy where the norm is thrown out the window.
The PUMA x NATUREL collection consists of footwear: Clyde (R2 499) Platform (R2 499) Clyde Mid (R2 699) Platform Cheetah (R2 199).
Apparel: Shorts (R1 299) Hoodie (R2 999) Tech Tee (R1 099) Tee (R799) Sweat Pants (R1 799) Denim Parka (R3 599) Windbreaker (R1 999).
You can’t rock the collection with accessorising – Messenger Bag (R1 099) and Cap (R499).
All inspired by space travel and a vision of an urban landscape on the moon, accented by military details.
No limits, no boundaries, pure NATUREL.
Crash Landing
Dropping at a PUMA SELECT store from mid-October 2017.
PUMA SELECT is in Cape Town, Bree Street, and PUMA Braamfontein on corner of De Korte and Melle streets in Johannesburg.

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus, and NATUREL is definitely from a far galaxy.
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