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Written By - Dylan Culhane
Photographer, and Creative Director at Mobile Media Mob
The recently launched Puma RS Optic capsule celebrates the evolution and reinvention of photography, with particular reference to the iconic Polaroid instant camera.
The culture of instantaneous imagery we all live in – embodied to a large extent by Instagram – traces its origins to 1940s, when Polaroid first emerged. In terms of disrupting and fundamentally reconfiguring the world of photography, Polaroid’s instant cameras were arguably more groundbreaking than the advent of digital photography. Or, at least, the cameras we all carry in our pockets are an offshoot of a mid-20th century technological breakthrough. Since this time, the influence of photography on every aspect of culture, and our perception of the world around us, cannot be understated.
The RS-0 Polaroid, in two variations of dove-grey/black colourways, and a tell-tale tongue referencing the Polaroid rainbow marker (in itself an iconic design, bitten by Instagram’s original logo), goes beyond aesthetic homage.  I love the fact that Puma is creating products with photographers in mind. God knows there are enough of us, scouring the streets for source material. I’ve personally worn down many a sole in the ongoing quest for powerful images. The camera is like a divining rod: Wherever it wants to go, we must humbly follow.
It’s no co-incidence then that the RS-0 Polaroid pack is built upon Puma’s Running System DNA, conceived with the road runner in mind. Hell, a few of the shoots I’ve been on probably racked up a marathon’s worth of miles. So the comfort factor on these babies does not go unnoticed.
The RS-100 Polaroid sneaker reimagines the 80’s RS-100 model with hints of photography elements. Between the two sneaker styles,  the RS-100 Polaroid is the OG silhouette, keeping true to the retro style..
There’s an unformed thought brewing in my mind, about light and dark as the vocabulary of photography; yin and yang, presence and absence… But maybe I’m reading too much into it. Maybe it’s really all just about popping out in shots of the squad, being the most lit.

Available at PUMA Select Cape Town and Braamfontein and Shelflife stores from 27 October 2018. 

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