If you’re reading this blog post you either:
1. Attended one of the slickest launches Cape Town has seen in a long time. Ice-cold beer flowed from the heavens; beats that sounded like angels whispering into your ear and the sight of our PUMA SELECT range left you as amazed and as dumbfounded as that sign language interpreter.
2. Didn’t attend our launch of our new #PUMASelectCT store at 137 Bree St; missing out on a casual conversation on the state of fashion, with special regard to skinny jeans, with Heath Nash. Instead you sobbed as you helped your neighbour practise for their Top Billing audition. Yes, let that FOMO sink in deep.
This is how it went down…
Two nights: one for the media laanies and one for you lekker laanies.
One venue: PUMA SELECT store.
And, my my it was filled with people, beautiful people from all reaches of the land, celebrating and joining in with Cape Town CBD’s #FirstThursdays initiative. Now, we’re not one to brag, but… our spot here on Bree St is what an estate agent who wears too much make-up would call “Prime!”*
It didn't take long for kicks to start walking off the shelves with new owners who giggled, trembled, and quivered their lips as the dashing lads behind the counter rung up their order. Even our buddy and DJ, Craig de Sousa, walked off with sneaks meant for these streets, and the rumours are true - he did buy 3 pairs of the freshest of the fresh including a PUMA by Miharayasuhiro. “I’ll be back next week, it’s going to be worth the visit every time.”
“What do I think of the new store? It’s dope. It’s my style; it’s that Hussein Chalayan vibe… I wore those to a wedding once…”, Mike from PHFat – We can’t fault the guy.
As each night went on SELECT’s voice had come to life: Das Kapital at the musical helm; utopian-like beer; free kicks being given away and the ever-jolly PUMA SA overlords mingling among us mortals. If that doesn't sound like a way to bring PUMA SELECT into this world then something isn't right, you may have goat flu (Goat flu doesn't exist... but feel free to ask your doc for a laugh).
So now that we’re Bree Street’s newest resident we expect house-warming presence from all of you…  just swing past, say what’s up, rub the store managers belly and keep on “doin’ yo thang”. Word to your mama.
*Note how PUMA, party and prime all start with “P”. It’s no coincidence.

Ice-cold beer flowing from the heavens and beats that sounded like angels whispering into your ear
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