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pumaxo ss18

East meets West, the cleanliness here has no contest.
Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd is back with his second collection for Puma. The “Starboy” hit maker made huge waves in the Winter of 2017 when his first collection sold out worldwide. This next drop will take place over two phases and consist of next gen Parallels which are heavily influenced by a theme of cultural travel that meets bespoke premium design.
The collection is a well-balanced mix of standout pieces & comfortable pieces which perfectly balance PUMA’s sports heritage and The Weeknd’s personal style elements. The collection personally resonates with me even more as it carries cultural themes of travelling from East to West, tying up themes of ancient and modern. A great metaphor for modern day living and never forgetting the culture around us that shapes us daily.
The cultural influence can be seen in the first drop as the clothes take cues from a clear ‘Tibetan Tribe’ concept. Inspiration that is raw and bold has been taken to the streets using authentic graphics & prints which as fused together with military elements. Tribal cats and unique graphics can be found on the back of key pieces in this premium collection. Small understated elements such as the patterned Black Jaquard taping also helps compliment the eastern theme in the collection.
What I am most hyped about is the introduction of the PUMA XO Parallel 2.0 (R4 299) a shoe constructed out of the butteriest suede and leather overlays which do a perfect job in typing up the military influences throughout the collection. The mid-cut sneaker boot gusset tongue construction, hiking eyelets and heavy rip stop materials which are tied together with a stacked gum sole that will leave you feeling like you could conquer anything between Tibet and Toronto!
My key pieces to look out for in the collection are the PUMA XO Kimono (R6 299) where an embroidered tribal inspired cat logo can be found on the back. This piece has a definite luxury feel and manages to balance high quality with effortless authenticity. The PUMA XO Half Zip (R4 299) is another favourite for me as it I heavily military inspired but balanced with jacquard taping and distinctive Tibetan patterns. Lastly, the PUMA XO Woven Pants (R3 599) are a stand out piece for me in this collection. This piece is understated but the design elements such as the zip on the hem and black jacquard taping are beautiful eastern elements.
Other pieces to look out for is the PUMA XO washed tee (R1 599) the PUMA XO backpack (R2 399) and the PUMA XO caps (R699) that come in black and white.
Feel It Coming
Available at PUMA SELECT stores from 14.04.2018.
PUMA SELECT is in Cape Town, Bree Street, and PUMA Braamfontein on corner of De Korte and Melle streets in Johannesburg.

Written by Atish Jogi

What I am most hyped about is the introduction of the PUMA XO Parallel 2.0
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