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Thursday 4 June 18:00  - Select Sessions #StayHome Edition with Lordkez
Keziah Zoë Meyers AKA Lordkez, was born on the 20th January 1999, in the small town of Kimberley, situated in the Northern Cape of South Africa. This multifaceted vocalist was raised mostly by her strong independent mother, who she credits as a major inspiration in her life.
Kez, who is fast becoming one of the most prominent up and coming voices on the South African scene, promises us a boundary pushing musical experience with a whole lot of heart in her Select Session.

Friday 5 June 10:00 - Select Stories Podcast with Boogy Maboi
We know you know you’ve gotta wash your hands, but did you know we’ve got Lethabo “Boogy” Maboi’ on the podcast this month?
Boogy first gained national attention as a K-TV presenter, with fashion always being an integral part of her identity. She’s heavily influenced by Hip Hop culture and Pan-African styling aesthetics, and has fused the two to create her own style vocabulary. Join us as we unpack her story and more, with host Frypan Mfula.
Thursday 11 June 18:00 - Select Sessions #StayHome Edition with The Rāms Live Experience
Rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, Rāms, was born into a taste of eclectic sounds with the hopes of sharing ideas through the music he makes.
Taking pride in his versatility and willingness to break genre based boundaries, Rāms is constantly working at his craft and the evolution of his sound. Outside of the Select Sessions show, Rāms is currently presenting his music live with the help of a carefully curated band under the name The Rāms Live Experience, featuring a slew of musical mavericks.
Thursday 18 June 18:00 - Select Sessions #StayHome Edition with Nalu Luvdust
Nalu is a 22 year old artist, singer, song-writer and producer from Cape Town. Through elements of jazz, R’nB, soul, acoustic, classical, alternative and lofi sounds, she explores themes of womanhood, love, spirituality, growth and desire.

At the heart of it all, Nalu wishes to tell stories. Inspired by many powerful women, Nalu follows suit in her music by using it to express and liberate others and, most importantly, herself.
Thursday 25 June 18:00 - Select Sessions #StayHome Edition with YoungstaCPT
With 30 mixtapes and numerous EPs and accolades under his belt, YoungstaCPT is regarded as one of the most important talents of his generation.
He describes his sounds as “Kaapstad”. “If you have ever been to Cape Town you can listen to any one of my CDs and you will understand me and the place I grew up in, I am like your unofficial tour guide. I am not going to take you to Table Mountain with a cable car, but I will take you via another ange, a side that you have never been to before.”
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