We’re moving in. That’s right. Get ready Braamfontein.
We hope that by now you’ve heard that we’re opening a PUMA Select Store in the hood this Saturday. If you haven’t, that’s ok, we’ll forgive this indiscretion. This time. You can read about it here.
The Select Store in question happens to be one of only two in the world, the first having been launched in Cape Town earlier this year.
We were taught from a young age that it’s essential to make a good impression on your neighbours when moving in to a new place (our parents are German, go figure). So we’re throwing a bit of a skop (our uncle is South African).  To celebrate the opening of the store, the start of our collaboration with Brooklyn We Go Hard (they’re French), and the launch of our new concept for Braam called #SelectSaturdays.
Every first Saturday of the month, we’re going to be high fiving the neighbourhood with a fusion of music, fresh food and slow beer, while we stay open late and get a taste for what makes Braam tick.
Each month we’ll feature different music, food and drink. Because we’re launching the store with our collab with Brooklyn We Go Hard from Paris, we thought it would only be fitting to kick off #SelectSaturdays with all day skinny French Fries and of course… beer.
Now. Our Neighbours. As we said, we’re moving in, and there are some seriously cool places that were instrumental in making Braam as cool as it is today. Here’s a list of just some of the sweet places you can go after visiting us on Saturday:
*takes a deep breath*
Stevenson Gallery
Contemporary gallery, local and international artists.
Double Shot
Next door neighbours, wicked coffee.
The Orbit
Our former home for PUMA Social Club and now the home of Jazz in Braam.
Love Food
Super popular lunch spot, amazing chow.

Neighbourgoods Market
Braam’s epicentre on a Saturday. Ditch the mall.
Instant Grass
The cool kids down the road, with equally cool offices.
86 Public
Home of a famous chef, killer pizza.
Great Dane
Hot beats and hot… um… dogs.
Father Coffee
Where coffee and style meet, roasted fresh.
Sly Creative Labs
An agency best known for their creative take on hooliganism.
The Smokehouse
A tender meat fest, great burgers.
Pub lunch by day, party by night.
Seed Experiences
The best festivals, dope bands.
Corner breakfast spot, always fresh.

Cosy eatery, easy on the pocket.
Anti Est.
Craft beer aficionados, nice peeps.
So to all you guys, we’d like to say HI NEIGHBOURS! We’re keeping a cold one for you on Saturday.

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Image credit: 70jutastreet.wordpress.com

Every first Saturday of the month, we’re going to be high fiving the neighbourhood with a fusion of music, fresh food and slow beer
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