Ahoy Capetonian PUMA Select shoppers. We get it, winter in Cape Town and the cold is making you grumpier than… that cat that is very grumpy? To top that you’re too scared to leave the confines of your home for fear of a Game of Thrones spoiler and you’re wearing your B-team outfit. We can confirm, these are all totes legit rationales for being at home.

Whatever your reason for staying in, if you’re located around the Cape Town CBD, the PUMA Select Store has a solution to keep your PUMA cravings satisfied.
You place your PUMA Select order (in your pyjamas if you want) and one of our devastatingly knowledgeable PUMA Select  sneaker freakers will personally deliver it to your door, free, on the PUMA Select bike. It’s a win-win really, we get to cycle around the neighbourhood in style, meeting the peeps and delivering only the freshest Select drops, and you get to stay ever fancy in your bed.

PUMA hunger not yet quelled? We’ll also get our neighbours to feed you. Literally. You might remember Clarke’s bar and restaurant- a runner up from our Great Coffee Debate of 05.14’. Well, we will throw in any standard sandwich from Clarke’s, along with every order. Also free.

Now if that doesn’t sound like a party in your bed we don’t know what does. Well we do, but that’s a different blog.

We’ve hooked up a mobile credit card machine incase you don’t have cash. The only way it could get sweeter than this is if you came to visit us, then we’d be able to give you some free coffee too, with the obligatory South African three spoons of sugar, but you can do that next week. For now, Call us on 021 422 0591 to bring PUMA Select to your door.

Oh, and please give Nathier or Rolo a high-five for their majestic bicycle-delivery skills.
You’re too scared to leave the confines of your home for fear of a Game of Thrones spoiler?
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