If Jozi and Cape Town were our kids, we think we’ve been good parents. Yes, Cape Town is the oldest, she gets things first, but Jozi is by no means a hand-me-down kid. In fact, we think we pretty much perfected the Select Store just in time for Jozi’s 18th (read: 128th) birthday. You're reading this blog, so you probably know that Cape Town gets free Special Select Delivery in the Bree Street area, so we had to follow suit with Jozi.
If you haven’t been to the PUMA Select Store Jozi yet, you’re in for a treat. We’ll show you some pics from the launch at the end of this blog. If you have been to the store, then you’ll know what we’re talking about.
So here’s the deal, if you’re like many of our friends, you hang/work/play in Braamfontein, you’re also a bit of a sneaker freak, you’re devastatingly good looking and you’re busy making your mark on the world. If we just described you perfectly (give or take a few things, we know the devastatingly good looking part is correct), then you’ll be all too familiar with the notion, that when the hunger for fresh, premium quality apparel (and lunch) strikes, you need to feed yo’self, no matter what you’re doing.
So we, being the totes clever sports lifestyle brand we are, came up with a solution. You get your s*** done, and we’ll bring you food, and sneakers, by messenger bike, obvs.
Check out the PUMA Select site or give us a call to find out what’s in store, tell us what you want, and we’ll deliver, for free (you have to pay for the kicks). Before you tell us how totes clever we are, we can one up ourselves. Before you call, decide if you want a BLAT (crispy bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato) or Classic (cheddar, parmesan, tomato, fresh basil) ciabatta from Vélo, and we’ll pick it up on the way, gratis.
Special Select Delivery is for Braamfontein only for now, because well, it’s done on a limited edition PUMA fixie.  We’d also like to throw out there, that vélo means bike in French… some may say coincidence, some might say divine intervention, we say... FREE SANDWICH!!! Score. We’ll also deliver anywhere else, but you gotta pay cash Dolla for that, and it won’t be by bike, unless you’re willing to pay a lot of cash Dolla (we know, but cash Rand really doesn’t have the same ring to it).
So give us a call, 011 403 3096, we’ll hook you up.
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The content on this site is applicable to the PUMA Select stores in South Africa. Go to PUMA.com for PUMA Select info for your country.