For most of us the idea of sitting at a restaurant watching the world go by for hours and hours is a dream, otherwise referred to as Leo winning a little gold man, but let’s not knock the poor guy too much because this post is all about the best places to grab a cup, or pint, and enjoy face-melting WiFi in Cape Town CBD.
Judging the best places isn’t an easy task, I mean there’s only so much coffee and beer one can consume before thinking that Jared Leto’s new look is a possibility for 2014. So we asked our super secret team (all of whom have a considerable amount of street cred, as much as Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp fiction) to put their ear to the cobbles and report back. This is what the mission resulted in:
1. Clarke's Bar and Dining Room (133 Bree St)
Let’s say your day starts out in quite a rush and you forget to have the 2nd most important meal of the day (midnight cheese toastie wins), pop in before your Monday meeting then cancel your Monday meeting because there’s no real reason to leave Clarke’s, unless they run out of every ingredient. (If that happens, a beer and a shot of Jaeger or Tequila for R24 will calm your hysteria.)
2. Jason’s Bakery (185 Bree St)
In between people watching, morning champagne (we approve) and writing your zombie novel make sure to have a chat to Jason himself while you’re there – A conversation about post modern dough consistency is sure to make him a happy baker- you never know, he could throw in one of his famous croissants for the intellect you’ve shown.
3. Wein + Bier (110 Bree St)
You’ve been there, you’ve thrown your name away there, and you’ve returned to find it tucked away behind the bar along with your underwear and dignity. Not much needs to be said about this Bree St favourite: good food, great beer and a ton of excuses to not get any work done.
4. Latitude 33 (165 Bree St)
What the world thinks of Cape Town: fashion, food and art. Latitude 33 has its roots in travelling with the owners culminating their journeys and experiences into: fashion, food and art. A great place to be a Capetonian, just please don’t judge, too harshly, the ones who aren’t, one day they will learn, one day…
We must give an honourable mention to The Office (189 Buitengracht St), a great place to have a quick meeting or just to get down to business- because sometimes… it’s business time, all the time.
That rounds up our list of ways to either have a productive day with Bree St as company or to procrastinate so severely that you end up too drunk to work on a Monday morning. Whichever you choose let us know what you thought of each place @PUMASouthAfrica with the tag #PUMASelectSA; or even come say hi at our place (137 Bree St) we have bra-unclipping-with-every-megabyte-downloading WiFi.
Peace out.

[Image source: www.breestreet.co.za]
A conversation about post modern dough consistency is sure to make him a happy baker
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