World, Meet Frypan

World, Meet Frypan

World, meet Frypan. Frypan is not just a pretty face and fancy coffee maker at the PUMA Select Store in Jozi. He’s a connoisseur of swag and if you want to talk politics or PUMA gear, Frypan has the qualifications… fashion street cred and a vocabulary to make you do a double take (at least a double).

We checked in at  the PUMA Select Store in Jozi to see how Frypan feels about PUMA in the new hood.

PUMA: Favourite item in store?

Frypan: The Sophia Chang Backpack. [No hesitation - ed]

PUMA: Why do you like it?

Frypan: I’ve always had a backpack. I’ve grown up with the culture of living out of a backpack, because I don’t have a car and cycle everywhere it has become an essential tool. The Sophia Chang backpack is both functional and sick. Have you ever seen me without a backpack?

PUMA: Um… we’re gonna go with… no. What is the highlight of working in Braam for you?

Frypan: I’m new to town and have been witnessing the development, being here gives me a chance to be part of the development, a chance to contribute.

PUMA: What does the new location of the store mean for PUMA/the neighborhood?

Frypan: There are so many creatives working/living/exhibiting in Braam, the store takes on the role of a cultural exchange. Our PUMA collaborations allow as to have an exchange with the city, in a respectful way. We bring an international story to Jozi and get authentic voices telling it, like with our local illustrators from Grime Town interpreting Sophia Chang’s work Jozi style at the last Select Saturday.

PUMA: And what do you have on your feet today?

Frypan: Trinomic Disc x Sophia Chang

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Puma x Sophia Chang BROOKLYNITE capsule - Johannesburg South Africa from MOCA on Vimeo.

We bring an international story to Jozi and get authentic voices telling it
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